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(Updated on Wednesday, February 19th)

As Front And Center’s second season kicks off more and more Public Television affiliates are picking up the show and adding it to their schedule. As new stations are added we will be sure to update our website so fans around the nation can be tuning in. Here’s the most up to date list:

  • Fairbanks, Alaska: KUAC; begins Sundays at 6PM
  • Jacksonville: WJCT; begins Sunday January 4th at midnight
  • Seattle: KCTS; begins Sunday, December 22nd at 11PM
  • Indianapolis: WIPB; begins Saturday December 21st at 9PM
  • Minneapolis, MN: Lakeland PTV; begins Saturday December 28th at 9PM
  • Chicago, IL: WYCC; begins Frida January 3rd at 9PM
  • Sacramento, CA: KVIE2; begins Saturday January 4th at 7PM
  • San┬áBernardino, CA: KVCR; begins Saturday January 4th at 9PM
  • Memphis, TN: WKNO; begins Sunday, January 5th at 4AM
  • San Francisco, CA: KRCB; begins Saturday January 18th at 10PM
  • Denver, CO: Colorado Public Television; begins on Wednesdays 11/27 at midnight
  • Miami, FL: WLRN; Saturdays at 10 PM & repeat airing Sundays at 4AM
  • Cincinnati, OH: CTE-Arts; begins 11/7 on Thursdays at 9PM
  • Charlotte: WTVI; begins 11/9 on Saturdays at midnight
  • Spokane: KSPS; begins 10/5 on Saturdays at 10PM
  • Wichita: KPTS; begins 10/5 on Saturdays at 11PM
  • Austin: KLRU; Saturdays at 2:30AM
  • Los Angeles: KLCS; begins 10/25 on Fridays at 10PM
  • New York: WLIW; Saturdays at 11PM
  • New York: Thirteen; Sundays at midnight
  • Los Angeles: PBS SoCal; begins 10/13 on Sundays at 8PM
  • Chicago: WTTW; begins 10/6 on Sundays at midnight
  • Trenton: WNJTV; begins 10/27 on Sundays at 10PM
  • Dallas: KERA; Thursdays at 11PM
  • San Francisco/San Jose: KQED PLUS; begins 10/31 on Thursdays at 11PM
  • Durham: New Hampshire Public Television; begins 11/10 on Sundays at 11PM
  • Boston: WGBH/WGBX; begins 11/10 on Sundays at 11PM
  • Washington DC: WHUT; begins 9/29 on Sundays at 9PM and a repeat at 1AM
  • Tampa: WUSF; begins 10/26 on Saturdays at 9PM
  • Akron/Cleveland: Western Reserve Public; On Fusion channel 49.2/45.2 beginning 10/13 on Sundays at 9PM
  • Cleveland: WVIZ; begins 10/16 on Sundays at 1AM
  • Orlando: WUCF; begins 9/28 on Saturdays at midnight
  • Cocoa Beach: WEFS; begins 10/4 on Fridays at 11:30PM
  • Portland/Eugene Bend: Oregon Public Television; begins 11/16 on Saturdays at 8PM
  • Owings Mills, MD: Maryland PTV; begins 10/6 on Sundays at 1AM
  • Kansas City, MO: KCPT; begins 10/5 on Saturdays at midnight
  • Columbus, OH: WOUB; begins 10/26 on Saturdays at 11PM
  • Salt Lake City: KUED; begins 11/2 on Saturdays at 11PM
  • Birmingham: Alabama PTV; begins 11/2 on Saturdays at 11PM
  • Portales, NM: KENW; begins 10/17 on Thursdays at 1AM

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